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Thanks to you the Wildfire Prevention District Tax failed!

But it didn’t matter! Since they lost the election the WPAD continues to meet and do its thing. They still hold almost $3 million of public funds and are doing everything they can to hang on to this money as long as possible.

Sue Piper has now formed another phony front group, The Oakland Firesafe Council to attempt to continue this fraud indefinitely.

Quan’s response to a failed initiative....count the votes differently!

According to press reports, the mayor is now trying to change the outcome of the recent election by asserting that the votes should be counted a manner different from what the rules were. Read more about it here.

What about the WPD Audit?

One of the issues raised in the runup to this election was the fact that the results of the WPD audit were withheld until AFTER the election. Read more about this here.

Here’s what a retired OFD Firefighter said:

“ I am retired OFD; the facts in the video are accurate; I happen to agree with the opinions; other facts have made me one who never favored the tax. Example: the "flatlands" use well over 90% of both the police and the fire services (the fire dept. has over 70,000 responses a year) with no special tax; the hills pay a tax for an occurrence (granted, a huge one) that has happened twice in my 70 years in Oakland; the final reality is that if (or when) there is another hill fire, the provisions of the fire tax will have no impact on the outcome. “

What about pesticide use?

The WPAD will result in significant pesticide use on large plots of public lands. Read about the Day of the Dead Trees at this link: DAY OF THE DEAD TREES flyer.doc


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